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Flower Club

We are so excited to announce, what we are ‘blooming’ up for this year? As you might have guessed from the title of this blog, we are starting a Flower Club! As most of you know, we are both passionate about the environment and LOCAL sustainability. We all know Karl is the food guy behind Cruisin’ Cuisine, but some of you might not have known that Stacey is a flower child, who is a certified floral designer and LOVES flowers but dislikes the environmental impact that the huge multi industrial floral business creates. So, we thought, let’s grow our own flowers! We will be extending our gardens this year to include fresh cut flowers! The flower club will be similar to a floral or veggie CSA

Happy Spring

Isn’t this time of year the best? Mother nature is awakening after her winter slumber, the sun shines longer throughout the day and moves into Aires, the 1st sign in the zodiac which brings in a new astrological year, symbolizing fresh starts and new beginnings. We thought this is the perfect time to 'spring up' our news for the upcoming season. This year at Cruisin' Cuisine you can expect: A New Menu Structure! We’ve been working this winter on a new menu structure featuring daily themed food items that will stay the same throughout the season. The toppings may change to reflect what’s in season but the menu will generally stay the same. Expect craft beer food favourites with Vegan and V



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