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Just a quick word to pass along the good news that we start operating the truck tomorrow at Big Spruce Brewing, starts at noon ! -Heritage Breed Pork Belly from Thyme for You Farm with Ra-Rasputin Beer-B-Q Sauce in a asian steamed bun topped with quick pickled cucumbers -Point Aconi Lobster in a Steamed Bun with quick pickle Cucumbers -Quinoa Vegetarian Salad with Tomato, Cucumbers and Chickpeas, Regatta Red-Maple-Dulce Vinaigrette

FYI we are no farmer!

We just like to see exactly what we eat! Lots in the ground from us, will grow here next to the hop yard at Big Spruce Brewing finger crossed we can feed some people with our own "stash"! BUT The point of this writing is only to point out the hard working awesome farmer we have here in Cape Breton. We made the point of going to visit every farm we actually use here with Cruising Cuisine... Here some shot of Front Porch Farm where Peter do an awesome work. Hats off!!

What we been up too

It's been a while in the making, but here we are for 2017 season! We are opening JUNE 15th at Big Spruce Brewing, we'll do every Thursday, Friday and Saturday! We been really busy at attempting to grow some of our own food....yes that is how adamant we are about where our food is from and what we serve our customers. Of course we are still fans of our local growers and Thanks to the FOOD HUB it really facilitate the distribution, we recommend you check'em out! Check the pics!! 300 onions in ! Just playing ! and learning... Our Garlic!



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